Tanzania High Commission

United Kingdom, the Republic of Ireland and the Commonwealth. Functions of the High Commission include promotion of Tanzania's economy through economic diplomacy, political communications and consular matters. The Mission is implementing Foreign Policy of the United Republic of Tanzania under co-ordination of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Co-operation.

The activities of the High Commission are:

  • Co-ordination of promotion of Tanzania Investment, Trade and Tourism in the area of accreditation

  • Co-ordination of promotion of diplomatic relations between Tanzania and the countries in the area of accreditation

  • Issuing of visas and advice to all visitors to Tanzania

  • Renewing of passports and issuing of Emergency Travel Documents to Tanzanian nationals in the area of accreditation

  • Facilitating cultural exchange between Tanzania and the countries in the area of accreditation
For details kindly visit http://www.tanzania-online.gov.uk/

Tanzania Association

Tanzania Association, is a voluntary organisation that has been Inspired by a common determination to promote unity and cooperation, shoulder the responsibility of development and cultural identity in response to aspirations of the Tanzanian people, here in the United Kingdom and beyond.

The aims of Tanzania association broadly is to Promoting social, cultural, economic and professional development and to expand and enhance relationships and cooperation in activities beneficial to all members hereby constitute the Tanzania Association in United Kingdom.

Tanzania Association is a not-for-profit, non-political and non-religious organization that is democratic in structure and professional in nature, organized.

Tanzania Association has been organising key social events in the Tanzanian community in the United Kingdom that brings together the largest number of Tanzanians under one roof. As these social events have been tremendous success the focus is now turning to organising events that will promote both economic and professional development of Tanzanian people in the United Kingdom.

For details kindly visit http://www.tzcommunity.co.uk

The Association's aims and objectives:

The activities of the Tanzania Association are:

  • Provide a Social Networking and Business Networking

  • Business Opportunities and Development

  • Enhance the skill and capacity of our members

  • Integration into UK communities

  • Investments

  • Information
For details kindly visit http://www.tzcommunity.co.uk

Africa Recruit

AfricaRecruit has been at the forefront of mobilising skills and human resource capacity in and outside of Africa since 2002. It also facilitates the African Diaspora towards capacity building in Africa either through skills or investment in areas such as remittances

AfricaRecruit raises global awareness about the need for human recourse development in Africa by addressing the continent’s brain drain, advocates for policies that help to develop Africa’s human recourse capacity, formulates and implements practical programmes that help to reverse Africa’s brain drain or capitalize on the African Diaspora’s social and financial capital and provide technical assistance to individuals and organisations involved in Africa’s human resource development.

Since its inception in year 2000, AfricaRecruit has achieved a distinguished record of, first, addressing the issue of skills capacity in Africa. Second, AfricaRecruit has organized workshops, seminars and conferences, both in and outside Africa, to link skills and development with issues and problems in the ground inside and outside Africa. Third, AfricaRecruit has produced a number of reports, data bases, working papers and position papers on skills and human resource issues, which have been used by policy makers and Overseas Development agencies as well as corporate. Fourth, and as a result of the four achievements listed above, AfricaRecruit has successfully fused itself into credible organizations, such as NEPAD, in order to enhance its capacity to reach out and collaborate with public, private and non-profit entities worldwide, for the purpose of pursuing its mission of building human capacity in Africa. For details kindly visit www.africarecruit.com


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