Working for Zantel Telecom Ltd

The Z story is one of investment, one of innovation, one of potential award-winning customer service. But, above all, it is one of growth and the ability to deliver the tremendous benefits of mobile communications in Tanzania. With roots going back to 1999, Zantel Telecom Ltd. became a joint venture between

  • The government of Zantel – 18%

  • Emirates Telecommunications Corporation (ETISALAT) – 34%

  • Kinbary Investment of the Channel Islands – 24% and

  • Meeco International of Tanzania – 24

Zantel Telecom Ltd was launched on 19th July 1999. However, Zs commercial operations commenced a month later in the month of August 1999. With it’s own international gateway, Z offers International communication service at extremely competitive rates.

Z’s diverse clientele includes the personal customer to the public and private companies, including other operators.

Z currently offers the following services:
  • Standard telephony services (PSTN)
  • International traffic and carrier service
  • GSM cellular networks
  • Data communications service and the internet
  • CDMA
  • IP telephony and VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol)
  • International calling card services
  • Value added network service (VANS)
  • Fax and Payphones
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There is only one type of person we are looking for…the best. We are searching for people with special potential who share the following qualities: commitment, dedication, an interest in the telecommunications industry, intellectual ability, initiative, ability to handle pressure, team oriented and a balanced approach to work and life. Examples of current vacancies see and
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