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 From the Editorial Desk


Dear Reader,

Welcome to this year's second edition of the Diaspora Newsletter.

The last edition touched on the celebration of the bi-centennial celebration of the abolition of slave trade and Ghana’s Golden Jubilee year of Independence. As you might now, both were marked admist great excitement and in some quarters some apprehension. I will say both presented opportuities to reflect and learn from the past and work towards a better future.

I am happy to inform you that there is an increased number of resources on the AfricaRecruit website. Reports from conferences that were held last year as well as all presentations are available on the website. In this edition, a direct weblink for each report is available. In addition FindajobinAfrica, AfricaRercruit's sister organisation will be launching on the 4th of May 2007 an exciting new job supplement, in a collaboration with Business newspaper that will bring some of Africa’s top job vacancies to Nigeria.

The first half of the year is seeing the launching of Diaspora organisations such as the Cameroon Forum and projects being implemented by the Sierra Leone Diaspora Network amonsgt others. The Launch of the Diaspora African Forum Head Quarters will be taking place in Ghana during the Africa Union Heads of States meeting in Ghana and it promises to provide resources that could be tapped into by both Africans and the Diaspora. I do urge you, to tap into these networks and resources as they provide a platfor for unity.

The AfricaRecruit website will be updated as regularly and you can get further updates on our events and partner's events.

Have a happy read!!

Onome Ako

  Reports from AfricaRecruit conferences available on website


A full report from the conferences held by AfricaRecruit in 2006 are now available on the websites.


Sierra Leone Investment Forum: Diaspora workshop, March 2006, Freetown Sierra Leone. For report click below: http://www.findajobinafrica.com/findajobinafrica/arc/DownloadAccess.jsp?docId=608


Achieving Best Value in Human Resource and Skills Management using Information Communication Technology (ICT), 23rd-24th October, 2006, Johannesburg, South Africa. For report click below: http://www.findajobinafrica.com/findajobinafrica/arc/DownloadAccess.jsp?docId=609

Africa Diaspora Investment Forum 2006: Harnessing the role of the Diaspora: Agriculture a skills or an investment option for the Diaspora, 23rd-24th November 2006, London, United Kingdom. For report click below http://findajobinafrica.com/findajobinafrica/adc/DownloadAccess.jsp?docId=1554

Full report of the Kenyan Investment Forum will be availbale soon.  



Mobilizing the African Diaspora Healthcare Professionals and Resources for Capacity Building in Africa


Following the March 2005 conference, AfricaRecruit has being actively involved in ensuring the role that African professionals in the health care sector is acknowledged and harnessed at national, regional and international level. In this light, the recent report from Prime Minister Tony Blair in February 2007 on Global Health Partnerships- The UK contribution to Health in developing countries highlights the role Africans abroad contribute to the healthcare in Africa. Recommendation 12 states that the UK should assist migrants from developing countries to contribute to health in their home country by: enabling migrants from developing countries to return home - for long or short periods- through participation in partnership programmes; creating an NHS service scholarship programme, perhaps as part of an existing one such as the Commonwealth Scheme, specifically to support service improvement in developing countries. A full report can be downloaded at the Department of Health website http://www.dh.gov.uk/assetRoot/04/14/30/85/04143085.pdf

AfricaRecruit is working in partnership with organisation such as the Voluntary Service Overseas (VSO) and the Commonwealth Secretariat to build an African Diaspora Healthcare Volunteering Scheme. For updates, kindly register on http://www.findajobinafrica.com/findajobinafrica/healthcare/survey.jsp


Launch of the Diaspora African Forum Head Quarters


 The official launch of the Diaspora African Forum (DAF) HQ will be on held from the 1st-3rd of July during the Africa Union Heads of States meeting.  DAF exists "to invite and encourage the full participation of Africans in the Diaspora in the building of the African Union in its capacity as an important part of the Continent". It will provide the vital linkage for Africans in Diaspora to become involved in Africa's development as well as reap the fruits of African unity. Hosting a wide range of forums and weblogs for key thinkers and visionaries of Diaspora involvement in Africa, it will open to all Africans and those in Diasporas. DAF will also publish a monthly newsletter in printable format and host news feed specifically devoted to Africa Diaspora relations. For more information visit www.diasporaafricanforum.org or call + 233 -21-780-923  

Cameroon Forum Launched

 After three years of consensus building and outreach into the overseas Cameroonian community, private, public, and community sectors, the Cameroon Forum was officially launched on the 30th of May 2007. The launch event constituted a fundraising banquet of which proceeds will go to support children orphaned from HIV/Aids and other charities. Cameroon Forum is a civil society non-partisan organisation aimed at bringing together the diverse portfolio of associations of Cameroon professionals, businesses and related institutions towards a greater social, economic and cultural integration of Cameroonians into UK society. The ultimate goal is to foster good, diverse and rich bilateral relations between Cameroon and the UK. For further information, kindly contact: Isabelle: 07960 532 912 Jocelyne : 07956 454 786; Alex 07956 957 279 ; Tel:0208 905 7400 ; Email:info@Cameroon-forum.org 

Connections for Development launch online Forum

 The CFD online forum has been launched and requires registration which can been done by clicking on the Online Forum link in the left menu bar and clicking on Register on the forum home page. Once registration form has been completed, you will receive a username and password automatically via the email address used in registration. Your membership and account will be validated and activateed and you can join the network of membership country-wide in exchanging views, requesting information, signposting events etc. If you have any comments or suggestions about the website please send them to the Membership Support Officer at: chari@cfdnetwork.co.uk.  


DFID Diaspora Volunteering Consultations

 DFID has shown interest in encouraging people from Diaspora communities to become active volunteers, either in the country of their origin or in other countries. Whilst people from Diaspora communities often have a far greater depth of understanding of the challenges of individuals living in poorer countries, their knowledge is not necessarily based within the wider development context, nor are they necessarily aware of the international programmes which are ongoing within their communities abroad. According to DFID the proposed programme needs to:

  • Develop a significant number of opportunities for people from varied Diaspora communities to offer their services as a volunteer;
  • Use existing skills from the communities to make a meaningful contribution overseas;
  • Be based on equal partnership ;
  • Have a wider development impact in the United Kingdom

Diaspora organisations and Individuals are encouraged to respond in less than 1000 words and forward ideas to volunteering@dfid.gov.uk no later than 31 May 2007. For more information on this consultation and how to submit your contributions, please click on following link (or cut and paste it into your web browser): http://www.dfid.gov.uk/news/files/dfid-volunteering.asp.

CBC to Pilot Low Cost Remittances Project in Uganda

 The Commonwealth Business Council (CBC) is piloting a groundbreaking project, in partnership with the Government of Uganda and its Post Bank network, to help reduce the high cost of overseas remittances. Using state of the art technology, and a custom-designed banking machine network to reach smaller towns and rural networks, the project will create an effective, low cost channel for financial transactions including remittances. The project will also provide wider access to financial services, to help “bank the unbanked”. The CBC aims to have the first terminals deployed by November 2007. For further details contact Mr Vijay Kumar, Managing Director, CBC Projects and Finance: vijay@cbcglobal.org  


AfricaRecruit: Forthcoming Events

 Mobilising People in Emergencies: The Role of Non Governmental Organisations, Private and Public Sectors in Africa, June 28-29th 2007, Safari Park Hotel, Nairobi, Kenya

Commonwealth Secretariat, People In Aid and Africa Recruit are bringing together representatives from the private, pubic and NGO sector in the event of emergencies or disaster to identify what is needed and what can be offered. The two-day conference will offer fantastic networking opportunities as well as the possibility of real progress in mobilising African expertise to prepare for and respond to African crises. . For details visit www.africarecruit.com

Ghana Diaspora Skills and Investment Forum, London, United Kingdom

As part of the celebration of Ghana's golden jubilee and the recognition of the Ghanian Diaspora, AfricaRecuit in partnership with the Capital Group Ghana amongst others will be hosting a one day conference in September /October 2007. The exact date is yet to be confirmed. For details and updates, kindly email ghanadiaspora@africarecruit.com

Websites: www.africarecruit.com; www.capitalgroupghana.com  


Forthcoming Events : Partner Information

The African Union-Caribbean Diaspora Conference,23rd-25th April, 2007, London

The aim of the conference will be to exchange and interrogate issues of commonality between the two regions. Concrete proposals can be drawn up for implementation to strengthen the Africa - Diaspora networks on major international issues. For further information kindly visit http://www.africarecruit.com/Partnersevent.htm

The African Century: Transforming the Continent of Opportunity, 26th May 2007, London

The conference aims to promote sustainable business opportunities in Africa, inspire participants to transformational roles in business and the public sector, challenge current leadership perspectives and empower participants with the experiences of transformational leaders from within and outside the continent. This theme is built around the belief that leadership is the key requirement for achieving major performance improvements in Africa and African organisations. The conference will explore four sub-themes of leadership: Vision, Execution, Integrity & Governance and Sustainability & Succession. For more information kindly visit http://www.londonafricaclub.org/Africa_day2007.htm


24th May 07, meeting "The Legacy of the Slave Trade in Liberia and Sierra Leone." Speakers: Professor Alfred Tunde Zack-Williams, University of Central Lancashire; Pofessor Debey Sayndee, University of Liberia; and Sylvie Aboa-Bradwell, CDD London Co-Ordinator.

15th June: West Africa Night. A celebration of West African culture in general and its rich culinary tradition in particular, as well as a fund-raising event. Typical West African dishes will be served to guests and there will be an auction of paintings and other artefacts from West Africa.

For more information on these events, please e-mail either Sylvie: sbradwell@cdd.org.uk or Morten: mhagen@cdd.org.uk Or tel. (0)207 359 7775.


"European workshop "Migration and Co-development: What positions for European NGOs?", 24th and 25th April 2007, Paris.

In partnership with GRDR, ADER organise a workshop that will bring together migrants, migrant associations and representatives of the authorities. This workshop will be an opportunity for organizations, especially the European NGOs, to refine and coordinate their positions in accordance with the new stakes of the immigration-cooperation-development nexus. For more information kindly contact: aderfrance@ader.eu

Europe-Africa Business Summit, 5th to 9th November 2007

Organised by the NEPAD Council in partnership with the German Africa Business Association, Europe – SADC – States - Bridge and their international partners the conference is a major collaboration between European and the African private sector and strives to increase European private sector awareness of the many commercial opportunities in Africa. The major theme of the summit is “The State and the Future of the European-African Economic Relationships” and it will address priority sector topics covering the major market segments including; Agri-Food, Construction and Building Products, Consumer Goods, Education Services and Training, Environment, Health, Information and Communication Technology, Infrastructure (Energy & power, Water, Transport), Culture, Arts & entertainment, Mining. For more information visit www.europeafricabusinesssummit.org

North America

Black Management Association Conference: Embracing the Legacy, Harnessing the Future, 20th –22nd April 2007, Chicago

Students, alumni, prospective students, faculty, and professionals from across the country will gather to commemorate 20 years of dynamic forums led by some of the world's most influential thought leaders in business, media, entertainment, and government. Keynote speakers and panellists will engage conference participants in an inspiring dialogue on the importance of leveraging economic resources, social capital, and intellectual might, to uplift our communities and empower future generations to build enduring institutions and legacies. For more information kindly visit http://www.kellogg.northwestern.edu/difference/culture/conferences.htm#bma

Forum Africa 2007
27-28 September 2007, Quebec Canada

African Business RoundTable (ABR) and Afrique Expansion Mag (AEM) in collaboration with the Canadian Corporate Council on Africa (CCAfrica) will host FORUM AFRICA 2007 in Montreal, Canada. This 2007 Forum event will be focused on promoting and advancing opportunities for investments and partnerships for sustainable development in Africa. This 3rd biannual international forum aims to provide strategic tools for private and public investments and economic development in Africa. This is a unique opportunity to meet more than 500 delegates, including company CEOs and managing directors; and senior decision makers from the African public sector and international institutions--all in a welcoming and comfortable setting at the prestigious Le Centre Sheraton Hotel in Montreal. For details kindly visit www.forumafrica2007.com


The IST-Africa 2007 Conference & Exhibition, 9th - 11th May 2007, Maputo, Mozambique

IST-Africa 2007 will focus on Applied IST research topics addressing major societal and economic challenges, which is part of the European Commission's Information Society Technologies (IST) programme. The programme combines strategic keynote presentations, technical and policy papers, case studies, workshops, an exhibition and social activities. Conference participants will have the opportunity to network and share their experiences, work together to identify opportunities for research collaboration and adaptation of existing research results, and learn more about opportunities to participate in IST Calls under Framework Programme. For more information kindly visit: http://www.ist-africa.org/Conference2007/

THE COMESA Business Forum Nairobi, 18th – 19th May 2007, Nairobi, Kenya

The Business Forum is an opportunity for the COMESA business community to meet and discuss issues of common interest regarding the strengthening, deepening and expansion of trade and investment in the region. Running alongside the Business Forum will be a trade exhibition on 14th – 20th May, also at the KICC. An estimated 500 business leaders from Kenya and other COMESA countries are expected to attend the Business Forum, which also provides a round-table meeting with the COMESA Council of Ministers. For more information kindly visit www.comesasummit.go.ke  



FindajobinAfrica partner with Nigeria's Business Day to Launch Job Supplement

Findajobinafrica and Nigeria’s Business Day newspaper will in May 2007 launch an exciting new job supplement, in a collaboration that will bring some of Africa’s top job vacancies to Nigeria. The publication called FJA Jobs will be published fortnightly on Fridays, as a supplement to Nigeria’s premier publication, Business Day. The supplement will feature a wide range of vacancies up to senior executive level and will showcase job opportunities in Nigeria, the whole of Africa and also include international, Africa related jobs. Leading multinationals, local Nigerian businesses, non governmental organisations and international donor organisations are among a host of organisations that have already signed up to contribute editorial and advertise in the supplement to fill their vacancies. A section of the supplement will be devoted to hard-hitting feature articles covering human resource and training issues.

Contact Claire for advertising and editorial contributions: Claire@findajobinafrica.com

Online job portal www.findajobinafrica.com A one stop job search engine for Africa connecting recruiters in Africa with jobseekers inside and outside Africa

Jobs in Africa in all industry used by recruiters to target local; repatriates and expatriates for details kindly visit www.findajobinafrica.com



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