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|New Year Message from the Team |2007 –Celebration of the Bi-centennial of the Abolition of Slavery | An Overview of Diaspora Focused Conferences Organised by AfricaRecruit in 2006 | Partner Information and Upcoming events|

 From the Editorial Desk


Dear Reader,

Happy New Year and welcome to the 1st edition of the Diaspora newsletter of 2007. Indeed, 2007 promises to be a year of landmark activities and celebrations amongst them, the bi-centennial celebration of the abolition of slave trade and Ghana’s Golden Jubilee year of Independence. These events will provide a unique opportunity to reflect and learn from the past and work together towards a better future.

This issue will focus briefly on the 200th anniversary of the abolition of the slave trade in the British Empire and draw on the lessons for the Diaspora. It will also recap the Diaspora centred events organised by AfricaRecruit in collaboration with some of its partners in 2006 and the various recommendations that were made.

It is no longer news that the Diaspora are a force to be reckoned with in terms of the roles they play towards the development of Africa, as well agents in changing the negative perceptions of Africa and Africans. A very interesting and encouraging fact that AfricaRecruit has gathered based on the surveys that have been carried out as a build up to the catalogue of events listed below is that the Diaspora have been actively (individually, or collectively) involved in programmes that contribute and promote development in Africa. The Diaspora have in the past year been involved in various forums that ensures that they be heard continuously. It is our hope that both the activities and recommendations by the Diaspora will be consolidated this year.

Once again have a prosperous new year!

  2007 Celebration of the bi-centinal of the Abolition of Slavery: Reflections for the Diaspora


The African Diaspora in the United Kingdom have participated in every aspect of the society and made enormous contributions to the political, cultural, economic and social life. Their presence, which dates to as far back as the Roman times, is an integral part of the British History


From 1441 to 1888, the trans-Atlantic slave trade created an African Diaspora in the forced migration of some 12 million people from many diverse societies and cultures in west and west central Africa to European colonies in the Caribbean Islands, in Central and South America, and in North America. Its benefits are seen across the heritage of the United Kingdom: in its history; museums objects; photographs and buildings amongst other things. However, more recently, since the 1960s, there has been an immense wave of migration, voluntary, mostly for economic reasons.


This year’s celebration is an important anniversary. It will be marked with various celebrations by individuals, institutions and countries with each sharing their understanding and sentiments of the era and its visible present day effects. Most will also remember the role of William Wilberforce from Hull, a deeply religious English MP and social reformer, whose was very influential in the abolition of slavery in the British Empire. For more information please visit http://www.bbc.co.uk/history/historic_figures/wilberforce_william.shtml

Beyond the various celebrations, it is a year to develop a deeper understanding of the historical forces that have shaped our present circumstances and as a result, develop effective strategies to work together to a more equal society, where there is an existing conscience of our attitudes to each other as first and foremost human beings.  



An Overview of Diaspora Focused conferences organised by AfricaRecruit in 2006


Mobilizing the African Diaspora Healthcare Professionals and Resources for Capacity Building in Africa www.africarecruit.com for details and presentations

Attended by over 500 delegates, the two-day (21st to 22nd March 2006) conference in London was held in a bid to address the healthcare situation in Africa. The role of business and public/private partnership was also discussed as a means to improving the healthcare system in Africa.

Other recommendations include:

  • Call for action to the G8 to implement the recommendations made at the G8 in 2005 following the Commission for Africa report
  • Cap on public spending on some African countries to be removed enabling the governments to employ and retrain the unemployed healthcare professionals
  • Diaspora organization forming a coherent group to act as a lobby voice in the West and strengthening the various healthcare organizations in Africa to act as effective advocates to the government
  • Build a database of Diaspora skills to acts as a clearing house for Africa’s needs
  • Support for effective Diaspora programmes based on the needs analysis of the countries
  • Diaspora empowering nationals in their countries of origin to increase government’s accountability on healthcare budget
  • Introduction of incentives to attract skilled workforce to rural areas from within and outside Africa
  • Increase capacity on training, research and health promotion using avenues such as Telemedicine and ICT
All presentations can be viewed online at www.africarecruit.com



 Sierra Leone Investment Forum www.africarecruit.com for details and presentations 


The Sierra Leone Investment Forum was held on the 27th- 30th March 2006 in Freetown, Sierra Leone with a Diaspora focused workshop on the 27th. Over 300 delegates attended the Forum, which was declared opened by the Minister of Trade, Her Excellency, Dr. Kadi Sesay.

Recommendations made include:

  • Adopt legislation for dual citizenship, including the right to vote. This would encourage the Diaspora to invest in Sierra Leone as they would have a stake in the country. (This was also flagged as a priority area of the Diaspora involvement at the Sierra Leone Diaspora consultative forum held in June 2005 in London, United Kingdom)
  • Simplify the business registration and transaction process through the consolidation of the role of SLEDIC as a one-stop shop
  • Develop a resource inventory of what is available and where. (Both in the Diaspora and locally in Sierra Leone)
  • Partner with the Diaspora to create credible investment vehicles that can deploy financial capital or goods and services
  • Make better use of Diaspora skills – virtual use of skills; brain gain and brain circulation
  • Train and invest in human capital
  • Establish a business support structure to translate remittances into productive investments.


Africa Diaspora Investment Forum 2006: Harnessing the Role of the Diaspora: Agriculture an Investment or Skills Option for the Diaspora www.africadiaspora.com for details and presentations

The theme for the 2006 Africa Diaspora Investment Forum was "Harnessing the Role of the Diaspora: Agriculture an investment or skills option for the Diaspora”. The aim was to emphasize recent developments, which indicate that Africa is poised to win the battle for economic advancement, by looking specifically at the Agriculture Industry from a multi-disciplinary perspective.

Recommendations made include

  • Government/Regional Organisations and donors should consider increasing the profile of Agriculture as an investment option in Africa using policies incentives and aggressive communication tools
  • Developing a database of skills in the Diaspora and tap into the skills
  • Develop various innovative partnership models addressing areas for capacity building
  • Dialogue through structured and targeted Diaspora

Kenyan Diaspora Investment Forum http://kenyans4kenya.com/

 Over 900 delegates from across Europe, North America and Africa (particularly Kenya) attended the conference held on the 9th of December 2006 in London. The conference highlighted the ongoing investment capacity by the Diaspora and how this can be further harnessed. It was jointly organised by the Commonwealth Secretariat, the Kenyan High Commission and AfricaRecruit. The conference tagged Kenyans for Kenya also highlighted some of the challenges that the Diaspora face and how they can be mitigated to ensure optimum engagement by the Diaspora.

The survey carried out by AfricaRecruit and filled by1327 Kenyans in Diaspora pointed to the fact that they (Kenyans in Diaspora) are excited and poised to engage in various opportunities that exist in Kenya. 60% of the respondents left Kenya for career professional reasons with approximately a third leaving over 10years ago. 78% of the respondents indicate interest in going back to Kenya now or at a later date, most claiming that they will consider self-employment as an option on return. 82% remit to Kenya for sustenance purposes; half of whom remit for business/investment purposes. 24% of those who do not remit for sustenance do send money home for business and investment reasons. An estimated 2.6million US dollars/year remitted based on the survey.

Recommendations include

  • Use of Information Technology to facilitate investments by Kenyans in Diaspora-internet banking, online shopping and dealing
  • Dual citizenship and voting rights to encourage investment
  • Basic information packs to be made available by the Nairobi Stock Exchange on each quoted company with links from the NSE and made available on line
  • Timely and up to date information on companies website on stocks and shares


AfricaRecruit: Forthcoming Events

  June 28-29th 2007, Nairobi, Kenya

Mobilising People in Emergencies: The Role of Non-Governmental, Private and Public Sector in Africa

People In Aid and Africa Recruit are bringing together representatives from the private, pubic and NGO sector in the event of emergencies or disaster to identify what is needed and what can be offered. The two-day conference will offer fantastic networking opportunities as well as the possibility of real progress in mobilising African expertise to prepare for and respond to African crises. . For details visit www.africarecruit.com


Partner Information: Forthcoming Events

10th January, 6pm, Khalili Lecture Theatre, SOAS The Globalisation of Private Security Dr Rita Abrahamsen, University of Aberystwyth

15th January, 5.30pm, Brunei Gallery Lecture Theatre, SOAS Africa in the New World Disorder Professor Ali Mazrui, Binghamton University, New York

Ali Mazrui is one of the world’s leading Africanists. He has published more than twenty books, including “Islam Between Globalization and Counter-Terrorism” and “Towards a Pax Africana”. Ali Mazrui's television work includes the widely discussed 1986 series “The Africans: A Triple Heritage”. In 2005 the American journal, “Foreign Policy” and the British Journal, “Prospect”, nominated Ali Mazrui among the top 100 public intellectuals alive in the world as a whole. Ali Mazrui was earlier elected an Icon of the Twentieth Century by Lincoln University in Pennsylvania, U.S.A.

Followed by the Annual Member's Reception in the Brunei Suite

16th January, 6pm, Chatham House, 10 St James’ Square Islam Between Concord and Clash of Cultures Professor Ali Mazrui, Binghamton University, New York For this event RSVP to Lizzy Donnelly: edonnelly@chathamhouse.org.uk In association with Chatham House

23rd January, 6pm, Royal Commonwealth Society, 25 Northumberland Ave Is China Good for Africa? Nkosana Moyo, Actis Professor Stephen Chan, SOAS, in asociation with the Royal Commonwealth Society

25rd January 6-9pm, SOAS, Thornhaugh Street, Russell Square, London, WC1H 0XG Women of Africa - Launch Women of Africa is an agency of cultural mediation and in support of the UN Mllennium Development Goals "Promote Gender Equality and Empower Women"

2nd February, 6pm, Brunei Gallery Lecture Theatre Ngugi wa Thiong’o (title tbc) Please RSVP to ras_research@soas.ac.uk

3 - 4 February 2007, Lancaster United Kingdom International Conference of Nigerian Students / Youths in Diaspora: Networking Nigerian Students (Youths) in Diaspora fpr a Sustainable Development. For more information, kindly visit www.icons2007.org

Sunday 25 March, 14.30-18.15, The British Museum Resistance and Remembrance: A Commemoration of the Parliamentary Abolition of the Transatlantic Slave Trade

Resistance and Remembrance: A Commemoration of the Parliamentary Abolition of the Transatlantic Slave Trade

Join us in a commemoration of the 200th anniversary of the Parliamentary Abolition of the Transatlantic Slave Trade. The British Museum with the Royal African Society will mark the day with an afternoon of readings, debates, films, family activities, music and talks. Special guests from the worlds of politics, literature, music, the theatre and the visual arts reflect on the lives and legacy of those affected by the trade and those who were involved in resistance to it. There will be a collective ceremony of remembrance at sunset, linked with people across the globe, including Nelson Mandela.

For information closer to the event please consult the British Museum’s website: www.thebritishmuseum.ac.uk

12th - 13th March 2007: Mumbai, India Global Business Leaders Forum: Changing Paradigms: Building Organisations for the Future The Forum will bring together about 300 business leaders from emerging and developed markets to discuss the new competitive challenges that are facing companies in the current era of globalisation. These challenges will make companies review their strategies, beliefs and principles. The transformation and innovation are becoming the key challenges facing the companies as much in emerging markets as in developed markets. For more information www.cbcglobelink.org/cbcglobal/meetings/forthcoming.htm

26th-27th March, Cape Town, South Africa CIBA Business Forum (China India Brazil Africa): Enhancing Trade and Investment Flows For more information visit www.cbcglobelink.org/cbcglobal/meetings/forthcoming.htm


February 16-18, Boston, Massachusetts The 9th Annual Africa Business Conference 2007: Open for Business: Integrating Africa into the Global Economy Organised by the African Business Club at Harvard. For more information, visit www.studentclubs.hbs.edu/afbc/

April 20-22, 2007, Chicago Black Management Association Conference: Embracing the Legacy, Harnessing the Future

Students, alumni, prospective students, faculty, and professionals from across the country will gather to commemorate 20 years of dynamic forums led by some of the world's most influential thought leaders in business, media, entertainment, and government. Keynote speakers and panellists will engage conference participants in an inspiring dialogue on the importance of leveraging economic resources, social capital, and intellectual might, to uplift our communities and empower future generations to build enduring institutions and legacies. For more information, visit http://www.kellogg.northwestern.edu/difference/culture/conferences.htm#bma


12-14 February 2007, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania Africa Asia Business Forum (AABF) IV

AABF is a series of face-to- face negotiations between selected African and Asian firms, aims at identifying business partners to enter various types of deals such as joint ventures, franchising, licensing, technology transfer etc. Its ultimate objective is to attract investment into Africa and to increase trade between Africa and Asia.

For more details; http://www.ticadexchange.org

9 - 11 May 2007 in Maputo, Mozambique The IST-Africa 2007 Conference & Exhibition

IST-Africa 2007 will focus on Applied IST research topics addressing major societal and economic challenges, which is part of the European Commission's Information Society Technologies (IST) programme. The programme combines strategic keynote presentations, technical and policy papers, case studies, workshops, an exhibition and social activities. Conference participants will have the opportunity to network and share their experiences, work together to identify opportunities for research collaboration and adaptation of existing research results, and learn more about opportunities to participate in IST Calls under Framework Programme. For more details, kindly visit http://www.ist-africa.org/Conference2007  


Online job portal www.findajobinafrica.com A one stop job search engine for Africa connecting recruiters in Africa with jobseekers inside and outside Africa

Jobs in Africa in all industry used by recruiters to target local; repatriates and expatriates for details kindly visit www.findajobinafrica.com



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