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AfricaRecruit Diaspora Newsletter

April 2008 | Vol. 3 Issue 2
Published by AfricaRecruit


a.. African Diaspora Mobilization Team: World Bank Consultant Database
b.. Diaspora programme attracts £3million from Department for International Development (DFID) United Kingdom
c.. International Council for Science Regional Office for Africa (ICSU ROA) and National Research Foundation (NRF) South Africa – Mobilising African Diaspora in Science and Technology
d.. The Health Worker Migration Policy Initiative: Global Community of Practice on Health Worker Migration


a.. 15-17 April 2nd Cameroon Investment Forum 2008 Yaoundé, Cameroon:
b.. 18th April 08:Tanzania Diaspora Investment and Skills Forum London United Kingdom
c.. 28 – 30 April: Europe Africa Business Summit 2008, Hamburg, Germany
d.. 18th to 21st May 2008 Leading Businesswomen of Africa Forum Cape Town, South Africa
e.. 26th-27th May 08- Sacoma World Enterpreneurship Summit East Africa Nairboi Kenya
f.. 18-21st September 08, International Association of Nigerian Studies and Development, Portland USA

African Diaspora Mobilization Team: World Bank Consultant Database

The launch of an initiative aimed at registering Firms owned by members of the African Diaspora on a World Bank database called eConsultant, so that these Firms become eligible for consulting opportunities within ongoing Bank projects in Africa.

This is further to the Diaspora Open House in Washington DC last November, where one of the commitments we made to participants was that we would provide them with opportunities to be considered for consulting roles with the World Bank. If you own or manage a Firm that can offer consulting services to the World Bank, please register with us by clicking on www.worldbank.org/econsultant, creating an account and completing the required form. Once you submit your details, you will receive a temporary registration number. After your information has been reviewed and approved, you will receive an official Vendor ID number. Please note that the eConsultant database in not managed by the Diaspora team, so we will be unable to answer any questions about your registration. .

Since all project teams regularly use eConsultant to identify experts, the registration of your firm is an essential first step toward your participation in a Bank project. Also, though the Bank considers both Firms and Independent Consultants for consulting opportunities, this email pertains only to the registration of Firms.

Thank you again for your interest in the Diaspora initiative. We look forward to receiving your Firm's registration and your continued participation through the year.

African Diaspora Mobilization Team
Capacity Development Management Action Plan (CDMAP) Unit
Africa Region, The World Bank, Washington, DC USA
www.worldbank.org/afr/diaspora Diaspora programme attracts £3million from Department for International Development (DFID) United Kingdom

The United Kingdom Secretary of State for International Department, Douglas Alexander, yesterday 15/03/08, in London announced a £3million grant to a Diaspora initiative, developed by a Nigerian, Ms Alache Maria Ode from Benue State, works at the London Office of VSO.

In his speech he said "One of the most effective ways to fight global poverty is to get people more personally involved. Volunteering provides an opportunity for those with the skills, energy and enthusiasm to give, and to get valuable experience and make a contribution to improve the lives of others.

"People from diaspora communities are under-represented as volunteers, which is a lost opportunity. But this new support will help encourage greater involvement. Volunteers coming back to the UK will not only bring new skills and experiences but also have a stronger voice in their communities in generating support for the fight against poverty."

The occasion was the 50th anniversary celebration of Voluntary Service Overseas (VSO), an international NGO, which sent its first volunteers to Nigeria, Ghana, Zambia and Sarwak in 1958.

Ms Alache Ode, who also is a lecturer in Diaspora and Development and political Science in two Universities in the UK, researched and developed the programme in 2005 for VSO for UK based Diaspora Professionals to contribute to the development of their countries and continents of heritage. She has also been a key voice contributing to migration and development debates and agendas at international, Eu and UK national level.

The pilot programme so far covers nearly 12 countries in Africa and Asia and is expected to expand with the new funding to possibly include Caribbean and Latin American countries. In Nigeria, the programme supports Rebuild Partnership to send Medical Professionals to provide training and capacity building for Nigeria's Radiographers and Sonographers and UltraSonographers. The project addresses the maternal and child mortality elements of the Millennium

Development Goals (MDG)

Responding to the Secretary of State's announcement, VSO Chief Executive, Mark Goldring noted "VSO welcomes this initiative by DFID as a bold step which builds on the proven success of our diaspora partnership pilot project. We have been working with a range of African and Asian organisations for the last three years. This partnership shows the huge contribution the British-based diaspora can make through harnessing their commitment and sharing their skills and expertise in their countries of heritage and beyond."

Ms Ode welcomed the injection of funds from the DFID and called on governments overseas to work together with their Diaspora communities in more meaningful and engaging ways. She said some of the activities of National Diaspora departments and Ministries have no clear aim, strategies measurable indicators and outputs. As the Programme Manager, she pledges to continue to work collaboratively with governments to build their capacity to harness the skills/contributions of their Diaspora.VSO is the world's leading independent international development organisation working through skilled volunteers around the world. To find out more about the VSO Diaspora initiative go to:http:http://www.vso.org.uk/about/diaspora_volunteering/diaspora_intro.asp

International Council for Science Regional Office for Africa (ICSU ROA) and National Research Foundation (NRF) South Africa – Mobilising African Diaspora in Science and Technology

The Africa Diaspora Science and Technology project seeks to: Effectively mobilise and engage the African Diaspora in Science, Engineering, Technology and related sectors for projects in Africa; Gain an in-depth understanding of the ongoing African Diaspora science and technology initiatives; To gain an in-depth understanding of the challenges and solution to enable effective and sustainable Diaspora engagement and develop a sustainable work plan to enable effective Diaspora engagement

Areas of Focus included but not limited to: Health and Human Well-being; Sustainable Energy; Natural and Human-induced Hazards and Disasters; Global Change; Natural sciences; Engineering; Technology; Research and Innovation Support and Advancement; Astro/Space/Geo Sciences; Biodiversity/Conservation and Nuclear Sciences.

How to get involved: for further Information and register as a Diaspora kindly visit www.africarecruit.com and click on the related information on African Diaspora in Science and Technology Visit : http:www.africarecruit.com/diasporainscienceandtechnology

The Health Worker Migration Policy Initiative: Global Community of Practice on Health Worker Migration.

Invites all individuals, professionals, policy and programme managers and interest groups from around the world to participate in a virtual

Global Community of Practice on Health Worker Migration.

We would like to add your voice, experience, views, successes and challenges to the policy dialogue addressing the issue of Health Worker Migration.

Join this Global Dialogue and discuss:

How can we best address the challenges raised by health worker migration? What are our shared responsibilities as individuals, countries and as a global community to support the Code of Practice?

Chaired by the Honourable Mary Robinson.

The Global Discussion starts on 31 of March 2008 At 15.00 GMT To join the global online community of practice, click at this url:


The WHO Department of Human Resources for Health (WHO/HRH) in collaboration with Realizing Rights and the Global Health Workforce Alliance (GHWA), supported by the WHO Department of Reproductive Health and Research (WHO/RHR), and the Partners of Implementing Best Practices (IBP) support the Global Community on Health Worker Migration.

This Global On-line Dialogue Forum has been designed to allow key international policy makers to hear the voice of the people. Information gathered from this forum will be used by a team of experts to aid them in the development of the Global Health Worker Migration Code of Practice .

Use this opportunity to share your view, experience, expertise and lessons learned on this challenging issue.

The Global Dialogue Forum will also provide you with membership to the Global Community of Practice on Health Worker Migration with access to useful and up-to-date information from our libraries including resource materials, a calendar of events, announcements discussion board, and an automatic archive of every email and document sent to that community. This Community of Practice is aimed at bringing together individuals, policy and programme managers, professionals and interest groups from around the world interested in Health Worker Migration.

Topics for discussion:

Week 1: Monday 31th March to Monday 7th April 2008.

What are the current realities and dynamics contributing to health worker migration globally?

Week 2: Tuesday 8th April to Monday 14th April 2008

What innovative strategies are being tested to address issues related to health worker migration?

Week 3: Tuesday 15th April to Monday 21th April 2008

What should be the key principals and elements of a Global Code of Practice for health worker migration?


18th April 08:Tanzania Diaspora Investment and Skills Forum London United Kingdom

Key Note Address by His Excellency President Mrisho Kikwete of the United Republic of Tanzania and Welcome address

by H.E Mwanaidi Sinare Maajar High Commissioner Tanzania High Commission UK

The event is being sponsored by Zantel,

the Z story is one of investment, one of innovation, one of potential award-winning customer service. But, above all, it is one of growth and the ability to deliver the tremendous benefits of mobile communications in Tanzania.

Other event Partners/Participating organizations include:

Radar Recruitment, Commercial Bank of Africa (Tanzania) Limited, Kenya Airways

National Housing Tanzania , Tanzania Investment Promotion Centre, Postal Bank Tanzania, Western Union, Dar es Salaam Stock Exchange, Standard Chartered Bank

The event will present high level, the opportunities for the Tanzanian cover the economic environment and emphasise some tangible examples of the role that the Diaspora can play and also outline the benefits of engaging in commerce in Tanzania. Presentations will cover the performance of the stock exchange and then provide clear examples of opportunities in how to invest and the sectors. The specific steps that are required to establish a business in Tanzania; information on the issues and opportunities in the housing sector. Delegates will receive information on opportunities for employment in Tanzania

The event is free and open to all Tanzanian Diaspora however delegates must register online at the event WebPages registration page at http:www.africarecruit.com/Tanzania_Event/index.php

15-17 April 2nd Cameroon Investment Forum 2008 Yaoundé, Cameroon

The Commonwealth Business Council is delighted to be organising the second Cameroon Investment Forum in collaboration with the Government of Cameroon. The theme of this event is ‘Securing Sustainable Long-Term Investment’. It will focus upon the new opportunities for investment partnerships emerging across Cameroon.

The event builds on the first Forum organised by CBC and the Government in November 2006.

Since then, the Government has established the Prime Minister’s Investment Council to build a sustained dialogue with business on economic reforms and growth; and the Cameroon

Business Forum is currently being set up with the support of IFC to provide a permanent secretariat to help implement the ideas generated within the PMIC, especially in regard to FDI.

The 2nd Investment Forum is aimed at global business leaders from Europe, USA and Asia; and will be of particular interest to those looking for profitable investment opportunities in a stable environment rich in mineral, natural and human resources. High-level speakers and panellists will include Heads of Government, Ministers of Finance, Ministers of Trade and Development.

Government Ministers will give keynote addresses in all the core areas of future investment for Cameroon. In addition, private sector Company Directors, Investment Authorities, Chambers of Commerce and other senior business leaders will also speak on future investment opportunities.

Details visit http://www.cbcglobal.org

28 – 30 April: Europe Africa Business Summit 2008, Hamburg, Germany

Organised by the NEPAD Council International Office-Europe, the Europe Africa Business Summit aims to enhance collaboration between the European and African private and public sectors with the objective of fostering trade and investment between the European Union and African States; increase awareness of the many commercial opportunities in Africa; promote partnerships in major market sectors and illustrate the expanding investment opportunities in Africa ’s economy.

The summit is expecting high-level representatives from private and public sector institutions and entities active or interested in the opportunities and prospects offered by an intensified economic dialogue and exchange between Africa and Europe. The event provides an environment for companies and firms to promote their goods and services.

The summit will address priority sector topics covering the major market segments like: Agra-Food, Construction and Building Products, Consumer Goods, Education Services and Training, Environment, Health, Information and Communication Technology, Infrastructure (Energy & Power, Water, and Transport), Culture, Arts & Entertainment, and Mining.

Please visit the Europe Africa Business Summit 2008 website (www.eabs.info) for detailed information on the programme

26th-27th May 08- Sacoma World Enterpreneurship Summit East Africa Nairboi Kenya

Sustainable Futures: Rebuilding through creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship.

The Sacoma World Entrepreneurship Summit is a forum for entrepreneurs, investors and business support agencies working in the public and private sector to share practical ideas and benefits of entrepreneurship as the driving force of economic growth and development in Africa and across the World. The central theme of this summit is entrepreneurship and its role in business competitiveness in the ever-changing global economy.

For details visit http:// www.wes08.net Leading Businesswomen of Africa Forum May 18-21 2008 Cape Town - South Africa

Theme: "Women, Africa Economic Growth Reserves".

Leading Businesswomen of Africa Forum is a platform designed to bring together women Economic Leaders and role players to share business intelligence and showcase the vast Trade and investment opportunities for businesswomen from across the continent.

Among the speakers are a very high profile Businesswomen and Leaders of the Continent:

  • Mrs Francoise Fonning World President of the World Association of Women Entrepreneurs
  • Vice President of Jeune Afrique, Mrs Danielle Ben Yahmed
  • Her Majesty SB Molotlegi, Queen Mother the Royal Bafokeng Nation
  • Dr Hesphina Rukato, Deputy CEO NEPAD Secretariat
  • Dr Amany Asfour, president of Egyptian Business Women association and African Alliance for Women Empowerment
Business Exhibition

Grow your business in Africa. Join the growing number of Exhibitors to showcase business opportunities for women around the Continent. Book your space today!

Feminar: The Leading Women of Africa Magazine This Trade and Investment trade is speaking to Countries that have identify Africa as their growth strategies.

Leading Women of Africa Awards

These are recognition awards to appreciate the role of women on the Continent..

Private and Public Institutions are invited to submit the nominees from across the continent. For more information, please contact Madelein@leadingwomenofafrica.com

Register today to take advantage of the early bird discounted fee.


International Association of Nigerian Studies and Development (IANSD)

20th Annual Conference. September 18-21, 2008, Portland USA

Theme: Constructive Engagement with the Homeland: Issues and Challenges for Diaspora Africans

Diaspora engagement has become a critical policy and budget issue in several countries around the world. In developing countries, such as China, India and Nigeria, programs are in place to lure Diaspora talent and resources to help develop the homeland. In the developed world, the UK, for example, is funding grant programs, through the Department of Foreign Investment and Development, to help Diasporans engage with their homelands. What are the dynamics and intricacies of Diaspora engagement with homelands in different parts of the world? What best practices exist to show specific methods of engagement? What challenges exist in and outside the homelands for Diasporans interested in engaging with their homelands? These are among the issues that will be discussed at the IANSD conference.

The conference is open to all those interested in Diaspora issues from any part of the world. The aim is to dialogue across country and culture lines, as these lines have become blurred by events such as ‘brain drain,’ globalization and knowledge economy. Proposals are invited on all pragmatic dimensions of Diaspora engagement, such as political, economic, cultural, technological and otherwise.

Proposal Submittal Form: Proposals of not more than 250 words should be submitted in word document, no later than July 30, 2008, to: Osita Afoaku at osafoaku@indiana.edu.

Please provide the following information: Name and Title:Organization: Street Address: City/State or Province/Zip or Postal Code: Country: Work Phone and Fax: E-mail: Title of Presentation: Presenters: Preferred Date and Time of Presentation:

___ Paper ___ Round table ___ Panel Discussion ___ Workshop

  • Abstract (Not more than 250 words):
  • Conference Planning Coordinators:
  • Dr. Joseph Aiyeku, Salem State College, Salem, MA jaiyeku@comcast.net )
  • Dr. Jerry Kolo , jerryk500@gmail.com )

Opportunities with Tullow in Uganda

Tullow is committed to utilising and developing of Ugandans in Uganda. If you have experience in the following disciplines in the oil and gas industry, please contact our recruitment consultant at tullowoil@findajobinafrica.com:

  • Drilling engineering & operations
  • Production engineering
  • Logistics, procurement, materials
  • Health, safety and the environment
  • Corporate social responsibility
  • Oil field operations

For further information on Tullow and its business, visit : http://www.tullowoil.com

To view the various job vacancies and opportunities across Africa Kindly visit : http:// www.findajobinafrica.com


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