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AfricaRecruit HR Newsletter


Published By AfricaRecruit HR Club January 2008  | Vol. 4 Issue 1


The Role of Human Resource Personnel in Supporting Africa Career Guidance Project | Mobilising People (Skills) in Emergencies Report now avaliable | Findajobinafrica.com

Africa Career Guidance
Harnessing the Skills Capacity and Capabilities of Youth to access the Labour Market in Africa by providing Career Guidance

An online one-stop portal for career guidance services to Universities in Africa, youth associations and individuals with the following aims:

a) Developing a more effective matching and linking mechanism between skills of current and prospective African university graduates and job opportunities in the marketplace

b) Timely access to information on career advice for youth in Africa

c) To improve the capability and capacity of African youth to enter the job market or enterprise or the development of enterprise development in Africa

Africa Career Guidance will be provide the following:

  • Access to information on areas of job demand and related core competencies and skills
  • A searchable database of career profiles
  • Skills and interest assessments
  • Online career guidance counselling
  • Advice on CV/resume preparation
  • Interviewing techniques
  • Career advancement skills
  • Information on internship/volunteer opportunities and entrepreneurial skills
  • Online information on enterprise development and opportunities
  • Bi-monthly e-newsletter to subscribers and CD’s/DVD
  • Information and advisory material from employers/recruiters in Africa

Target Audience

  • Youth in Africa (aged 18-25years)
  • Youth Associations
  • Student Associations
  • Minister of Youth
  • African Universities
  • Organisations providing micro-enterprise support, training and development
  • Career Counsellors in Africa
  • Employers/Recruiting organisations
  • Multilateral institutions
  • Foundations
  • Stakeholders with interest in Africa’s youth employment

How you be involved:

As a Human Resource expert your invaluable experience and knowledge of the pitfalls to be avoided by jobseekers will be of immense value to the project. This could be in the form of contributing information on what a curriculum vitae/resume should not look like, factors that have led to unsuccessful applicants at application and interview stage and what are the key performance indicators of a successful applicant just to mention a few. You can make your contribution anonymous. If you will like to explore this further kindly contact us at: career@africarecruit.com


Report from the Conference “Mobilising People in Emergencies: The Role of Non-Governmental, Private and Public Sector in Africa” June 28-29th 2007, Kenya now available
To download the report kindly visit http://www.africarecruit.com/Reports.htm

The conference addressed the mobilisation of skills and people in preparation for and response to emergencies in Africa. The aim was to identify lessons learnt from the challenges of existing programmes and emerge with solutions.

The conference concluded that:

a) Mobilising people in a timely manner is critical in emergency situations

b) Local skills’ databases should be built and updated on an ongoing basis

c) National platforms should bring together stakeholders from all sectors

d) All stakeholders need to increase their effectiveness by collaborating with each other and synchronising efforts in a transparent fashion

e) There is a win-win-win for all sectors; however, all stakeholders need to have clearly defined roles and responsibilities

The conference specifically addressed:

a) Partnerships and ways for all stakeholders to engage constructively and innovatively

b) Practical solutions that will address immediate and long-term skills needs in a cost effective manner

c) Potential ideas and solutions for capturing ongoing work

d) Key recommendations to strengthen capacity in Africa

e) Success stories and best practices and how they can be potentially scaled up or adapted locally

f) In-depth knowledge and understanding of the obstacles to effectively implanting current programmes and how they can be overcome

g) Untapped opportunities

h) Practical implications of current policies and how they can be translated into action on the ground

“The private sector’s investment in its countries of operation are inevitably affected by disasters so is there need and opportunity for the private sector in Africa to work with Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs) and International Organisation’s in Africa to help those affected by conflicts and disasters and support efforts by international and local NGOs in disaster risk reduction” Mobilising People in Emergencies 2007


1. Each country in Africa should establish a working and competent national platform incorporating representatives from the public sector, private sector and civil society. The roles of the platform should include:

A. A clear mandate and policy to facilitate and enable partnership and engagement by all sectors
B. Development of a robust database of skills categorized by availability and covering organisations, professional groups and individuals.

2. International mechanisms for sharing resources of knowledge, people and training between the national platforms globally



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