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Published By AfricaRecruit HR Club July, 2006 | Vol. 2 Issue 6


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| Editorial | Achieving Best Value in Human Resources using Information and Communication Technology (ICT) | Africa's International Media Summit-The Role of Branding in Attracting and Retaining Skills



From the Editorial Desk

Dear Readers,

Welcome to the 6th edition of the human resources newsletter. The theme of this second edition is focusing on the role of Information Communication Technologies (ICT) in human resources management. In an increasingly globalised and competitive labour market, the need for organisations to align its human resource with its strategic objective is critical. This will ensure that capacity and capability to deliver on the bottom line runs through the whole workforce. In light of the significant amount of resources spent on routine work such as adminstration of personnel, organisations need to invest in the technology to move from manual processing to automated administration of its routine work such as payroll, benefits and recruitment process. This will enable human resource personnel to move from a process based focus to an outcome based focus "human resources administrators to human resource architects", so to say. The event will be webcast enabling those who are unable to attend the event to participate in the event.


Facilitating and enabling entry into Africa's labour market : Survey for graduates and undergraduates from universities in Africa

Africa Recruit is currently developing a service that will assist students and graduates in Africa in their career professional development. To ensure that the services developed are effective, we are undertaking a baseline analysis of the role of ICT in enabling and harnessing career professional development. For details kindly visit http://www.findajobinafrica.com/.

One of the key challenges many employers face is the inability of many jobseekers to effectively market themselves using their CV/Resume. Many of these jobseekers are qualified but do not profile themselves in a manner that is attractive to their potential employers. As a result many employers have found themselves recruiting spin rather than substance and rejecting substance. To begin to bridge the gap, AfricaRecruit will like to invite employers to provide in their own words, online tips and pitfalls to avoid to would be jobseekers. On a monthly basis findajobinafrica.com will showcase tips from employers starting with the following:

August: Finance
September: Public Sector
October: Social Sciences
November: Oil/Gas
December: Health

We will very much value your feedback and comments that will be uploaded anonymously on www.findajobinafrica.com -Monthly tips from employers. Kindly forward your text to careertips@findajobinafrica.com

 Achieving Best Value in Human Resource Management using ICT

October 23-24 2006, Johannesburg, South Africa

Venue: Hilton Sandton, 138 Rivonia Road, Sandton, and South Africa 2146

The implementation of E-HR strategy can have far reaching benefits including service delivery, better productivity and cost savings. The lack of ready access to Information Communication Technology (ICT) is a multi-faceted and growing phenomenon which impacts development at many levels- social, economic, civic and cultural and relates to a wide range of developmental priorities and concerns. E-HR has emerged as a sustained trend and source of much innovation at both strategic and operational levels. E-HR is the use of conventional information technology and web-enabled technologies to HR systems and deliveries. ICT enables human resource practitioners in Africa access to information, best practices, concepts and processes such as streamlining their recruitment and selection process which is of added value in building and retaining skills in Africa. It also drives down the cost of HR services delivery.

The event will explore:

  • The role of ICT as a tool for human resource and skills development: challenges and potential solutions from various stakeholder perspectives.
  • The role of Governments in creating an enabling environment for the use of ICT in human resource and skills development .
  • Various E- and telecommunications opportunities and identification of best practice with outlined benefits for users
  • Planning and deploying E-HR Strategies: Learning and sharing of best practice amongst organisations
  • Using practical demonstrations of the various ICT tools and their use in human resource management; challenges, opportunities and potential solutions will be explored and the policy and operational changes required ensuring a “fit for purpose” tool
  • Is outsourcing some of the human resource functions such as attracting and recruiting, training and development an option?
Can this be used to engage the skills of the Diaspora and develop the database of skills to be tapped into as required? Invited speakers include:

The event is open to all Human resources/ICT organisations and policy makers at no cost. However you must complete the registration form, which can be downloaded at www.africarecruit.com or http://www.africarecruit.com/ict/index.html. For further details kindly visit http://www.africarecruit.com/  

The Role of Employment Branding in Africa's Development

Africaís International Media Summit will be taking place in Accra, Ghana 18-21st September 2006. The Summit is coming at a time the continent of Africa has a dire need for a change in perceptions and impressions. The ACA could not have picked a more opportune project and time to affirm its commitment to the positive portrayal of the continent in its process of rebirth. Invited speaker for the state banquet is Mr. Richard Parson- Chairman Time Warner/CNN. The Summit programme will be coordinated by experts in various related fields within the continent, as well as in the Diaspora. Invited speaker for the state banquet is Mr. Richard Parson- Chairman Time Warner/CNN. The Summit programme will be coordinated by experts in various related fields within the continent, as well as in the Diaspora.

Speakers include:
  • Aliu Mahama Vice President, The Republic of Ghana
  • IBN Mohammad Chamber- ECOWAS Executive Secretary
  • Donald Kuruba- President ADB bank
  • Wole Soyinka -  Nobel Laureate
  • Wangari Maathai- Nobel Laureate
  • Dr. Bamanga Tukur- President Nepad Business Group & ABR President
  • Richard Parsons- Chairman Time Warner (invited state banquet speaker)
  • Lurma Rackley - Care International Media Director
  • Tumi Makagbo- Former CNN Anchor
  • Otumfuo Ose Tutu II- King of Ashantee
  • Everest Ekong- Publisher Business in Africa Magazine
  • Dr. Titi Banjoko- Director AfricaRecruit/Findajobinafrica.com
  • Bisi Adeyele-Director African Women Development Fund 
  • Yvonne Johnson- CEO International Marketing Council of S.A.
  • Dr. Erieka Bennett- Head of Mission, Diaspora African Forum (DAF)
  • Mrs. Cheryl Dobbins- CEO, The BTI Companies
  • Mr. Matt Karlson- Regional Director, World Bank
  • Mr. Eric Chinge- Media Director, African Development Bank (ADB)
  • Dr. Jimi Adisa- Sr. Coordinator, Africa-Union
One of the sessions will be exploring the importance of manpower development to the rebranding process of the continent. The workshop will explore the following:
  • Understanding the importance of branding and its influence on human resources
  • Building a strong employer brand
  • Employer branding strategy and its relationship to its product branding and/or service delivery
  • Target branding in a culturally and diverse environment
  • Building a local yet global brand
  • Branding persecpective from private, public and non-governmental perspective
  • Building and maintaining a brand in a globally competitive environment
  • What is the strategic value of branding the country/region in attracting international talents?
The event will also cover other sessions as outlined below


The AFRICAN UNION, which is the major body of the continent, will be lending its political might to the content of the Summit. The AU will be represented by the Economic, Social and Cultural Council (ECOSOCC), which is currently chaired and presided over by 2004 Nobel Peace Laureate, Hon. Prof. Wangari Maathai.


The role of the media will be coordinated by Ms. Tumi Makgabo, former anchor of the CNN, and headed by Her Excellency, Mrs Joan Guiriras, President of J. W. Advertising, Namibia.


Business forms a major part of Africa's re-branding as well as the proper and adequate dissemination of information to the Continent itself. African Business Roundtable will be coordinating the role of Africa's business community to this extraordinary project, represented by its Executive Secretary, Mr Kwasi Abeasi.


There is an obvious and dire need to put into perspective, issues of HIV/AIDS, Malaria, Guinea Worm, Typhoid, Famine, and very recently Bird Flu, as it relates to Africa. More often than not, the impressions that emerge are from the media presentations of such issues. We shall be looking to WHO experts on Africa, to participate in this section of the programme, which will be coordinated by Dr Juliette Tuakli, a Medical Doctor of international repute, and former professor at the prestigious Harvard Medical School.
Registration = 300$ US dollars per head for further details on the event kindly  visit  visit http://www.theafricanme



Findajobinafrica.com is a very cost-effective medium reaching local, regional and international jobseekers in a timely manner its usage to date includes:

  • On average 1.3 million hits a monthImplementation of motivation and retention schemes such as housing support, childcare, education allowance, harsh allowance for hard to recruit areas, domestic supplies voucherís.
  • On average 24,000 visits a month
  • Mailing list of users over 155,000
  • Active CV database 62,803 (June 2006)
  • Global spread of the users (inside and outside Africa)
  • All African nationalities based inside and outside Africa
  • Experts based inside and outside Africa
  • All industry represented on the database
  • Users professional work experience range from 0-25 years
Clients include recruitment agencies based inside and outside Africa, multinationals, national corporate, multilateral institutions, public sector and non-governmental organisations covering job vacancies in all of the African countries for details visit http://www.findajobinafrica.com/


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