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Dr Titilola Banjoko is passionate about developing and enhancing the capacity and capability required to develop Africa. In 1999, she successfully formed two companies AfricaRecruit  and aimed at strengthening Africa's ability to effectively deploy its resources for development and growth.

She has over 16-years experience working with key strategic stakeholders engaged in Africa's development. She has taken up numerous advocacy and advisory roles on the issue of capacity building in Africa by engaging with organisations such as

  • European Commission,
  • Department For International Development,
  • International Organisation for Migration,
  • United Nations,
  • World Bank,
  • African Union,
  • Commonwealth secretariat,
  • The New Partnership for Africa's Development,
  • UK parliament, private and NGO sector,
  • Top business schools in US and UK and grass root African diaspora meetings, African Governments and high profile private sector organisations.

She has authored nine publications on Africa's development capacity that is used by researchers and policy makers to inform policy and programme development.


She is a regular commentator and analyst on African related news and events on Sky TV, Al Jazeera, BenTV, VoxAfrica, BBC to name a few. She currently serves on the council of the Royal African Society. She is also a Senior Research Associate of the Foreign Policy Centre and a Fellow of the Nigerian Leadership Initiative where she serves on its executive board .

Her Previous roles include serving on the Migrant Advisory Board of The European Commission Joint Migration and Development Initiative, Department for International Development ( DFID ) Global Poverty Advisory Board, World Health Organisation (WHO) Health Worker Global Policy Advisory Council, selection panel of the International Health Links Funding Scheme run by the Tropical Health and Education Trust (THET) and Executive board Commonwealth Business Women's Network.

In 2006 she was named as one of the Pride of a continent: Africa's gifts to the world, she has received numerous awards and endorsements over the last 10years.



Links to some of the areas of her engagement and participation can be seen below;

- Talked to Breaking Views with UNICEF about demographic dividend in Africa, youth restlessness, health,
   mobility, and poverty in Africa - and beyond.

- Head to Head Al-Jazeera
- The Big debate
- Diaspora contributions to international development
- Diaspora contribution
- Development 2nd Bonn Conference on International Development Policy 2009
- Healthcare worker global challenge
- Exploring The Migration-Development Nexus: Global Health Aspects Of The Implementation Of The WHO
   Code Of Practice

- Transforming healthcare across Africa
- Panel member February 2016, GSK and Save the Children third annual US$1 million Healthcare
   Innovation Award

- Africa rising: the role of the diaspora African woman
- Africa: Diaspora Investment: Agriculture - An Investment or Skills Option for the Diaspora
- The Diaspora and Development
- Sierra Leone Investment Forum - Diaspora
- Engaging African Diaspora in Europe as Strategic Agents for Development in Africa
- Nigerian social development issues examined
- The 2015 Nigerian elections
- The Review of Nigeria's 1999 Constitution: Diaspora Consultation - See more at:
- Diaspora and development
- E-migration: migrants in the digital
- The Business Challenge Africa- 11th International Business Forum 2006
- Women in Business International forum
- Addressing brain drain
- Global Health Advocacy Seminar - Contagion of fear: Ebola and future global health security response
- Combating Ebola: has the media helped or hindered?

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