The Diaspora is playing an increasing role in diverse employment sectors in their host countries and increasingly, their home countries hence reversing the tide of the brain drain. There is however a greater need for increased and continued mobilisation and engagement of Diaspora skills in their countries / continents of origin as there exists still, needs for skills and opportunities for the Diaspora engagement.

The overall aim of the workshop is to harness the capacity and capabilities of the Diaspora in career professional opportunities in home countries.  It will provide information on the skills base that exists in the Diaspora and identify opportunities across sectors in home countries. This will facilitate transfer of skills through formal employment. The workshop will also explore areas the Diaspora can utilise their entrepreneurial skills to create economic activities that generate more employment of local resources and highlight the value in volunteerism.


  • Rise in the level of professionals and skilled personnel going back to their home countries to fill up suitable opportunities
  • Information access
  • Understanding the challenges of the Black & ethnic minority communities in seeking and securing jobs in home countries
  • Shared learning on the challenges and opportunities available in home countries
  • Interactive workshop for engagement
  • Highlight the value in volunteerism

Target Audience:

  • High-level Human Resources personnel from organisations with presence in target countries
  • Personnel from recruitment agencies involved in international postings
  • Skilled graduates, and other professionals resident in the UK


  • Profile of BME with prospects of seeking employment in home countries- present or future
  • Outline of challenges, opportunities and recommendations