• Kuria Muchiru, Chief Operations Officer, PriceWaterHouseCoopers Africa Central.
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  • Amy Lockwood, Director of Global Pediatric progam, Clinton Foundation.
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  • Chinwe Umealo, Customer Business Development Manager Procter and Gamble UK-pdf.To Download Click Here.

  • David Benson, International Recruitment team, OXFAM.To Download Click Here.

  • Kiran Aurokium, Business Development Manager, FindajobinAfrica.com.
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  • Mohammed Iqual, Coordinato, UK Gateway Protection Programme, International Organisation for Migration-pdf.To Download Click Here.

  • Onome Ako, Outreach and Communications Manager, AfricaRecruit.
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  • Ritesh Doshi- Diaspora returnee.To Download.Click Here

  • Victor Banjo, Chief Human Resources Officer, Virgin Nigeria.
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