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Building Robust and Enduring Productive Capacity in Africa
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AfricaRecruit named as one of the big achievements of NEPAD in the last 4 years - NEPAD Secretariat June 2005

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Africa Diaspora Investment

For analysis and surveys on Diaspora Remittances and Investments as well as presentations and forthcoming events on Investments

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Presentation at the Third Ordinary Session of the African Union Labour and Social Affairs Commission 18-23 April 2005

African Union Economic, Social and Cultural Council of the African Union

Executive Summary of the Commission for Africa's report

Full report is available here


Let me express the support of the NEPAD Secretariat to this initiative which demonstrates the dynamism of AfricaRecruit and its shared will to contribute constantly to the development efforts of Africa through the mobilisation of the stakeholders and the Diaspora and their implication in development projects on the African Continent- Prof Firmino Mucavele, Chief Executive New Partnership for Africa's Development February 2007


H.E. Olusegun Obasanjo President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria 1999- April 2007

"When AfricaRecruit was launched in 2002, I provided an endorsement in the firm belief that its objectives were not only noble but also realizable. Since then, the initiative has performed creditably and become a key part of the NEPAD programme to mobilize quality skills for Africa."

Full Endorsement...

AfricaRecruit is a programme plan of action taken to build robust and enduring productive capacity throughout the continent. It is an innovative service delivery vehicle with its focus on capacity building through human resources using its various networks within and outside Africa. For more details on AfricaRecruit, kindly click here

Shortage of skills is a critical constraint that is holding back investment, job creation and improved public services for Africa. Although exact figures are difficult to obtain, probably 40% of African professionals are now living outside the continent, meaning upwards of 5 million doctors, teachers, engineers, and technicians. African immigrants to the United States boast some of the highest educational attainments of any immigrant group and there are now more than 250,000 scientists and physicians of African descent in the United States. The continent spends over $4bn in technical assistance each year in sectors such as health, education and the environment, as well as public management. For more detailed information on Africa's brain drain, please click here.


“Africa Recruit is also important as a vehicle for dialogue between Africans living in and outside the continents, which can create a dialogue with professionals in the diaspora, and look at ways in which African governments can help foster the flow of skills back to Africa.”

Professor Wiseman l Nkuhlu Chairman from October 2001 to July 2003; and as Chief Executive of the Secretariat from October 2001 to July 2005

The African Diaspora have increasingly becomes a recognised force for development for their countries of origin. In 2001 remittances to developing countries stood at $72.3 billion, 42% of total Foreign Direct Investment. This is the second largest source behind Foreign Direct Investment of external funding for developing countries. It is evident that the African Diaspora can play a unique and crucial role in Africa's development. Africarercuit provide the enabling environment that will facilitate the process of engagement with the various stakeholders on building and sustaining capacity in Africa.

"Mobilisation of resources is crucial for the successful implementation of NEPAD, said Prof. Firmino Mucavele, Chief Executive of the NEPAD Secretariat July 2005- January 08, in a presentation to the Zambia NEPAD Action Plan workshop held in Lusaka on 26-28 October 2005.The major sector priorities of NEPAD as follows: Agriculture, including food security and market access; Infrastructure development including transport, energy, information and communication technology, water and sanitation; Human resources development including education and health; Environment and tourism; Culture; and Science and technology development."

How does it work?

AfricaRecruit provides the “real” and virtual marketplace for the various stakeholders’ engagement

Real Market Place.
AfricaRecruit is a practical meeting point for jobseekers and employers, African government’s and related officials, African Diaspora and all the various stakeholders to meet. The forums are solution-orientated platform to facilitate identification and dissemination of best practices. AfricaRecruit works in partnership with various International and African organisations in facilitating capacity building in Africa with main emphasis on:

  • Human Capital
  • Financial Capital

Virtual Market Place is Africarecruit’s job search engine and Africa’s prime employment platform where placement agents and employers can advertise their jobs, search for potential employees and where jobseekers can hunt for jobs and advertise their expertise to employers using the CV database. Africa Human resource Club is primarily a virtual professional Club across the continent of Africa where Human Resource Professionals can meet to discuss challenges, solutions and best practices for details

How exactly does AfricaRecruit help Employers and Recruitment Agencies?



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