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Building Robust and Enduring Productive Capacity in Africa
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AfricaRecruit named as one of the big achievements of NEPAD in the last 4 years - NEPAD Secretariat June 2005

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Africa Diaspora Investment

For analysis and surveys on Diaspora Remittances and Investments as well as presentations and forthcoming events on Investments

For Africa Diaspora Healthcare Professionals to register for Newsletters, events and Health Care programmes as well as presentations on Health and forthcoming events healthcare/index.htm

Presentation at the Third Ordinary Session of the African Union Labour and Social Affairs Commission 18-23 April 2005

African Union Economic, Social and Cultural Council of the African Union

Executive Summary of the Commission for Africa's report

Full report is available here



Over the last 4 years AfricaRecruit has been very actively involved in Information and Knowledge Management- using the following avenues:

  • Seminars, Focused group and Conferences exploring a defined topic with different stakeholder perspective
  • Surveys on specific Diaspora related topics such as brain drain, brain circulation, remittances and investment to date we have conducted survey's to which over 2,500 Diaspora have responded
  • Analysis of skills database ( entries over 60,000)

Over 1,000 a month users have registered to download analysis, reports and presentations our users include:

  • Students
  • Research Fellows
  • Academic’s
  • Directors
  • Policy makers in Regional and International Development
  • Members of the media

The users cover all sectors and industries in the public, private, nongovernmental and civil society with a global spread.

Previous Surveys:

Report on the Survey by Department of International Development on Remittances March 2006. For details kindly click here

For detailed presentations and reports on harnessing remittances and the investment forums targeting the Diaspora kindly click here


How does AfricaRecruit mobilise the African Diaspora to benefit African Employers and Recruiters?

What are the events AfricaRecruit runs, and how does my organisation get involved?



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